Our Service for you and your groups

Glastonbury Goddess Temple is pleased to be able to offer private ceremonies for individuals and groups. We offer profound and deep ceremonies in the sacred setting of the Goddess Temple and Goddess House, which broaden the experience of Avalon for your group, perfectly complementing your visit to Glastonbury. All our services are led by experienced and devoted Priestesses and Priests that have been trained by the Glastonbury Goddess Temple. Our Priestesses and Priests have chosen a path of dedication to the Lady of Avalon, the Goddess of this sacred land, and to the many faces of the ancient British Goddess.

We live here on the sacred Isle of Avalon and have devoted our lives in service to the many pilgrims who come here for their souls journey. For many that come to Glastonbury, the energetic connection opens the heart and soul, bringing deep emotions up to the surface of consciousness. Avalon is a place to find peace within, and many who visit here experience feelings of coming home, and a sense of bliss and opening to renewed knowledge of the soul’s path. A private ceremony for your group in the Goddess Temple or at Goddess House can be the perfect beginning to your visit, and a wonderful spiritual addition to your sacred sites tour.

We offer a wide range of sacred ceremonial experiences. Follow the call of the Lady of this Isle to take part in an extraordinary, transformative ceremony designed especially for you. We take pride in our ability to create space for deep connection to Goddess and the elements of Her Nature, through the creation of sacred space, oracling, embodiment of Goddess, sacred sound, energy healing & so much more.

In addition to the ceremonies listed on the website, if you would like a personally designed ceremony for a special occasion, group or family event, please do get in contact with us for assistance in co-creating your ceremony.

Welcome to Avalon Ceremony

This ceremony gives pilgrims the possibility to dive deep and experience the energy of the Isle of Avalon, and the Lady of Avalon who is Goddess of this sacred land. You will be floating through the veils, carried by sound and held by Priestesses and Priests from the Temple, to meet the embodied Lady of Avalon who will give you your personal message.

Ceremony to Meet the Goddess of the Season

Here in Avalon, we honour and celebrate Goddess through the seasons, with the eight seasonal festivals each with their associated Goddess on the Wheel of Avalon. In this ceremony you will dive deep into the energies of the Goddess whose season it is during your stay in Avalon, while being held in sacred space by Temple Priestesses and Priests. This ceremony allows you to fully immerse yourself and surrender to the transformative energies of Avalon.

Sacred Soundbath

Let yourself and your group be carried away into deep relaxation with a private sound bath with Temple sounders. Held in the Goddess Temple, this one-of-a-kind sacred sound experience allows total immersion in the healing energies of Avalon.

The Elysium Dream Temple

In the ancient world there were sleep Temples dedicated to the ethereal aspect of our being, inviting the dream gates to open for deep relaxation and healing.  Come and meet the Dream Team, Temple Sacred Sounders Dawn Kinsella & Patrick, along with our dedicated team of Priestesses and Temple Melissas, who will carry you on a deep meditative journey through sacred sound.

Goddess Temple Private Access

We offer groups and individuals a private access to the Goddess Temple. The time in the Temple can be used for meditation and connection with Goddess.

Ceremonial Goddess Healing

Experience a deep energetic healing from our Priestess Soul Healers, held within a beautiful ceremonial atmosphere in one of the Goddess House healing spaces.

Ceremonies on the Sacred Land and Guided Walks

Our Priestesses and Priests would be delighted to show you the beauty of the landscape of Glastonbury and the sacred places of Avalon, where you can deepen and expand your connection with Goddess. These tours are tailor made to meet the individual requirements of you and your group. Please contact us for further information.

Group Therapy Treatments

Come and receive a group treatment package, choosing from the selection of beautiful treatments available at the Goddess House healing centre. Group leaders receive a FREE treatment!