The Elysium Dream Temple

As you arrive at the Goddess Temple you shall receive individual blessings of the Elements of Nature. Of Air, with sage & incense, blessings of the Avalon Waters, collected from the Red & White Springs by Temple Priestesses,  blessings of Fire with the Flame of Avalon and your own flame to take with you back home and blessings of the Earth Mother by a Priestess of Avalon as embodiment.  Soft skins, cushions, and blankets are prepared for your comfort.  Sacred sounds take will you all on a deep vision journey, drifting & dreaming to the music of Water Fountain, Temple Gong, the Ocean, Crystal bowls and Koshi wind Chimes. 

Each sound session is played for one hour 20/30 minutes, with a 30 minute rest time afterwards.   It is deeply intense and ceremonial, so we shall be serving your group fresh fruits, juices or tea to help you centre and become grounded afterwards

Included: Temple sounders

Temple Priestesses

Temple Melissas

Private access to the Goddess Temple for your group

Fresh fruits & Refreshments

The temple prepared for your ceremony and cleared away after you leave