Goddess Temple Private Access

We offer groups and individuals private access to the Goddess Temple on appointment. The time in the Temple can be used for meditation and connection with Goddess.

A Temple Melissa will hold the space for you while you are a visiting. Upon arrival, the Melissa can also perform a smudging for everyone (an individual energetic cleansing using incense, feathers and sound). The Melissa will also be able to light and bless candles with the Flame of Avalon, available to purchase in the Temple.

Please note that the Glastonbury Goddess Temple is a place of worship and ceremonies may only be conducted by Priests or Priestesses of the Temple.

Private access is possible in the mornings from 9.45am till 11.15am or after 4.30pm for an 1.5 hour time slot.

Cost: from £10-24 per person dependent on the size of the group