Dawn Kinsella

Dawn Kinsella is a Priestess of Avalon and is known as the Melissa Mother for the Glastonbury Goddess Temple.  Dawn looks after the day to day running of the Temple on behalf of the Temple founders.

She is one of only two officiants to be able to conduct Pagan Marriages in England and Wales.

She has had articles about her role as a Priestess in publications such as Pagan Dawn and the Wild Hunt magazines, plus several radio interviews and publications across Europe.

Dawn lives here on the Isle of Avalon and is the creatrix of the ‘Welcome to Avalon Ceremonies’ and the ‘Elysium Dream Temple’. She is also one of the Temple Sacred Sounders and regularly performs sacred sound sessions in the Goddess Temple.

She has dedicated her life to serving Goddess and the world wide community that wish to experience and connect to the sacred energies of the Divine Feminine.