Welcome to Avalon

This Group Ceremony includes private access to Glastonbury Goddess Temple for your group, priestessed by our dedicated team of Priestesses & Priests of Avalon.
On arrival at the Temple each person in the group is blessed with Sacred Springwaters by a Priestess of Avalon. You are then welcomed to Glastonbury Goddess Temple by a Priestess in a short introductory talk about the Temple and the Sacred Isle of Avalon.
Following this your group is taken on an inner guided meditational journey to Avalon, with a Sacred Sound Bath using Crystal & Tibetan bowls, Ocean Drum, voice invocation and Koshi wind chimes. When the journey is complete you will be brought back gently and will receive refreshments and delights to bring you fully back to Glastonbury. The private ceremony can also include Priestess Embodiments of Goddess.

Before your arrival our Temple Melissas prepare the Goddess Temple and close the space for you afterwards.
Maximum group number is 20 people.
The duration of the ceremony is 90 to 120 Minutes depending on the size of the group.
As the Ceremony takes place in the Temple which is daily open to the public between 12noon and 4.00pm, this Welcome Ceremony can only be booked for early mornings, late afternoons or evenings.